The Quiz – What’s a CLM?


Here’s an example of the leadership in my company and how frustrating and morale sapping it is.

During lunch hour our team used to do the quiz from the local paper. Fifteen questions and each participant wrote their answers on whatever scrap or Post-it they could find. Once the answers were read out, everyone self-scored, honesty system applied. Trivia was a lot of fun for the group and it helped bond us.

The quiz became quite popular and we soon had people in adjoining pods playing. Sometimes when we missed lunch we ran through the quiz at the witching hour of 3pm, when batteries needed charging.

Somehow our fun got noticed and I got tapped on the shoulder by my manager, “Psst. You’d better stop doing the trivia. The Marketing Director saw you all and isn’t pleased.”

Two things annoyed me here: (1) It’s only light trivia, taking up 15 minutes at most and it’s not like we don’t do our work; and (2) why did the Director have to speak to my manager instead of either joining in or telling me directly?

Was this the day when my career path and high potential status were permanently blotted? Was this a Career Limiting Move?


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