The Pensky File

The Devil You Know

I was recently given some work to do by the Hi-Pot* in our team. We’re peers but I figured that being in his good books would perhaps reflect some of his shine to my tainted career. I was wrong. Mr Hi-Pot was looking to offload the scum from his work pile. His close relationship to the Director locked me in since he had “a word” about my delivering the appropriate outcome. So, I’m stuck doing garbage and unable to escape because of the obligation to my unrepentant superior.

The scope of the project is to assess “the degree of risk” within the operation of the sales function. The first measure of which was a survey filled in by the sales team itself. I scoured through the responses only to find the the Director had over-written them. Apparently this was so that the “right” answer came up during the external audit.

There are three wrongs here: my acceptance of bad work; the palming off of said bad work by someone who should be well-intentioned; and a superior with poor integrity. It’s not good for the company.

*Hi-Pot = High Potential (also Golden Boy or the Director’s be-yatch) 


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