Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

man in box

There used to be a regular bulletin circulating through the sales and marketing departments of my company announcing whenever someone had joined, left or if there was something worth celebrating.

These days, these announcements are only sent to those departments affected, given that they’re mostly about departures. The HR team mentioned that these had to be kept “in house”. Okay, for a large organization I can understand that the team in supply chain wouldn’t give a damn about the latest departures or arrivals in the call center. It would be junk mail to them. In my opinion, if two teams are separate but have sufficient reason to be connected (like Marketing and Sales) then I think the announcements should still be shared.

In any case, if a person from Marketing decides to leave and only his/her immediate team receive the message, it would be pointless. Everyone knows that they’re leaving anyway.

My suspicion here is that due to the number of departures, the company doesn’t want to paint a picture of a ship slowly losing its passengers. The question here is whether this is a sound strategy. Is it good to know if other departments are unhappy? If so, for whom?


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