Obliterating History

Willy LomanI used to work in a department that numbered over fifty. We were formed through the merger of two companies and the thinking of three people. Our goal was to market the company’s products in a way that hadn’t been done by the organization before.

In the beginning, things were exciting. I had a great relationship (or so I thought) with the Director. I thought I had a great mentor to boost my career. Then, things changed. I don’t know what started the chain reaction, but soon people started losing their jobs. Two of the department’s founders were pushed out. Departments were sliced apart, thrown to Sales or left to fend for its existence.

Today, only a handful of those fifty are still in the company (including me). The Director barely speaks to me as he heads up the department he was after. The lesson here is to see the wave coming and plan for it. Pick a horse whose direction you know.


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