When Friends Leave


Almost always, it’s the people you work with that stop you from canning a job you hate. It’s the fact that there are a bunch of like-minded individuals who equally hate:

  1. the direction (or lack thereof) that the company is taking
  2. the people at the helm who are responsible for 1.
  3. their job because they have to follow orders from 2.

This work clique can be a bit of a trap at times. Perpetuating the disdain for the job can divert focus away from trying to get into a better spot and just breeds the hatred. The group’s collective purpose should be to motivate and not to foster unhappiness. I’m stuck in one of those groups now. Thankfully, a number have left, finding new jobs. This, if anything, is a great motivator. I’m one of the few that are still stuck and heaven forbid that I become the last man standing. I need to get out of this place. 


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