The Words We Say

speaking in tongues 

Why do we speak differently in the world of business? Even though it’s still a bunch of human beings interacting, the language we use is quite distinct from what we use normally. Think of the last conversation you had with your least favorite aunt. Compare this with the last meeting you had with your boss’s boss. Notice the difference? Why do we mince words? Why doesn’t “use” suffice that we need to “utilize”? Why are new people called “talent”? Why do we have to “socialize” our latest piece of work?

Humans make up the workforce. I think it’s best to speak to them like they are humans.

PS: Here’s a useful link to help translate the business/consultant mumbo jumbo  


Does Your Salary Begin With a One?


I know that I haven’t made the best out of my career. I mean that in the purest sense. Despite great grades at university as well as an inbuilt confidence, my rank and my salary betray my lack of corporate ability. Perhaps it’s the place where I’ve been, but I’m not politically savvy. I tend to relying on work ethic and a certain ability to work through intellectual problems to get myself noticed.This isn’t the way to get ahead.

Networks are key. I’ve seen it. You don’t need to be the sharpest tack in the box to be CEO, just the savviest. So, my salary, after over ten years of working does not begin with a one. 


Finding the Right Fit

 Square Peg
I’ve learnt that work is a lot about ticking the right boxes. Okay, some boxes can only be half checked, but you know which ones are non-negotiable and which are more flexible.
During my search for a new place of employ, I’ve realized that the very soul of the company I work for is tainted. Corrupt. Rotten.
I had some thoughts on what I’d like in a company. I found a site that tries to match my own set with those willing to share their profile. Check it out here. Most useful in shaping the job search.