Following The Right Leader


Finding true leaders in business is rare. By true leader, I mean the type of person that is not only incredibly intelligent/wise, but also honest, personable and savvy. What you see on the surface is exactly what you see if you peeled away the suit, the Blackberry and the corner office. Is this person the same in business meetings as in a family gathering? I’ve had a few managers in my time and I couldn’t pinpoint one who had it all. There was always a flaw that undermined everything. One was an amazing networker but completely untrustworthy. Another was scarily intelligent but couldn’t relate to human beings. A more recent one was amicable, a political animal and brilliant but you couldn’t always believe his level of commitment to you. He was made of teflon, making commitments and promises but nothing stuck.

Am I seeking too much? And can I ever fully complete myself so that I’m not perceived in the same way?


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