Biting the Hand that Feeds

Can’t Cope

Work dissatisfaction has some vicious cycles. For instance, if you dislike your boss, you are less likely to try and make his/her life easier. You may not volunteer for projects; you probably won’t look for new ways to do things. All in all, you’re just there to do what’s in your job description; no more, no less.
In my circumstance where I have difficulty in hiding my feelings, particularly when I don’t exactly respect the current leader, it gets hard. I’m stuck in a role I can do in my sleep but I’m not scoring the political points to get me out of it. My resume suffers because I’m not moving in a great direction to a potential employer. So, I’m stuck here longer and the more I hate the place. And so the cycle goes. You get the picture.
So, I’m fighting the urge to be recalcitrant. I need to get out of this job and this company sooner rather than later.


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