Dweeby little schmucks

There’s nothing I hate more than guys who don’t know me who call me champ. I also hate it when people at work take on the gratitude and team support thing too far, thinking they’re your pal, and that you actually find value in their praise.

Case in point – there’s a guy in our group finance area who needed a few market statistics from me for publication in some executive report. After trying to grapple with his indecipherable mumblings and absolute lack of knowledge of anything commercial, I finally worked out the picture he wanted to paint. I told him that it would take a few days because I wasn’t just sitting at my desk waiting for his grand stupidity for something to do. He then proceeds to try and get me to deliver by the next day because the Director needed it! (thankfully, this was true)

Dweeby then calls me, says I’m a “good man” for doing what I could and thanking me for my efforts. Grrr. Does he think he’s engendering goodwill on my part? Does he think that all the fake chumminess would make me go above and beyond for him?


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