(The real) final word on the conference

Morning #2 of the conference was always going to be a seedy affair. The company I work for has a reputation for getting banned from venues after conferences – such is the willingness of employees to let loose.

As far as I could gather, these were the shenanigans of the evening:
– one guy went for a swim at 2am after hours if drinking (back in his room safely, though)
– a large proportion of the 200 attendees squeezed into a single room for the “after party” (damage costs – $150)
– one guy decided to shave off all his hair in the midst of all this
– various wigs remain unclaimed from said party

The rest of the day was just a group of sobering employees being spoken to. Successive yak/presentations was all that was in store for the day. It all finished with a Q&A session with the Marketing Director. Again, he laid down the law. Again, I felt a level of respect for him and what he’s trying to do.

I’m just not so sure about the rest of us.


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