Leadership Program: Thoughts Part 2


“Work/Life Balance”

It’s nirvana for corporate climbers but perhaps ceded all but by the best corporate successes. An angle on it would be that to improve one’s standard of living, it is necessary to work very, very hard to achieve “corporate somethingness”. This may require some sacrifice of some present family time for the monetary reward. But as the climber grows more giddy with the air, it becomes even more necessary to stay away, since the demands of seniority requires dedication and application. Family time comes second.

So, the goal of achieving balance is so difficult to achieve. The way out? I’m not sure, but having an employer with the right attitudes is perhaps the best start.

Where I am at the moment, well, there’s potential.


Leadership Program: Thoughts Part 1


I was fortunate enough to be nominated to attend an internal leadership development program earlier last week. The goals are fairly obvious and fairly well trodden – understanding what makes for good leadership and to develop my own personal style to adapt and apply to circumstances.

I then recalled a podcast I listened to about leadership and how to become a good one. Listen to it here.

The underlying thought I have to formulate my style is, “Why should great people work with me?”. This frames my entire technique. Gosh, I guess I’m on the path to being somebody.