Bad Hiring – Totally My Fault


I’m a little bit frustrated with my latest hiring decision. I think it’s because I’m too easily convinced by people who can answer one good question really well. That singular answer taints the rest and I lose a little perspective.

The current hire was a very convincing. He spoke well and gave very clear and effective answers to all the questions posed. My fault was that I didn’t probe him sufficiently and took everything at face value.

As I’ve mentioned before, the work I do is heavy on the numbers and that means some heavy duty Excel work. My fault was not to probe deep into this. Although Excel can be taught, it takes time to acquire the level that I’m looking for. The Hire has good analytical thinking. His main deficiency is in condensing that into something that stands on its own – without him having to explain it.

The moral here for me is that if I have the luxury of time, compromising is possible. If not, then I should have asked the questions that would prove that a person could hop into the job and run. In this instance, at this very point, I’ve screwed up royally.


In these troubled times……

Courtesy: dilbert.com

… it becomes necessary to tighten our belts and to lose all reason.

Our CEO declared a few weeks ago a number of cost-saving initiatives:

– All travel has to be approved by him (recently loosened – approval needs to be at Director level)

– No coffee or beverages to be purchased for customers or agencies should they come to visit our building; they need to pay for themselves, die of thirst, or drink tap water

– No Christmas parties for all departments; there will be a single Christmas party to be held in training rooms 1 and 2 on Christmas Eve (duration 2 hours)

– Made 44 jobs redundant last week as part of an “efficiency program”; he sent a company-wide email last week stating that the program will continue to run into the New Year.

Yes, I agree that tough times means tough measures. I’m not sure that it’s necessary to arbitrarily suffocate the joy out of life.