In these troubled times……

Courtesy: dilbert.com

… it becomes necessary to tighten our belts and to lose all reason.

Our CEO declared a few weeks ago a number of cost-saving initiatives:

– All travel has to be approved by him (recently loosened – approval needs to be at Director level)

– No coffee or beverages to be purchased for customers or agencies should they come to visit our building; they need to pay for themselves, die of thirst, or drink tap water

– No Christmas parties for all departments; there will be a single Christmas party to be held in training rooms 1 and 2 on Christmas Eve (duration 2 hours)

– Made 44 jobs redundant last week as part of an “efficiency program”; he sent a company-wide email last week stating that the program will continue to run into the New Year.

Yes, I agree that tough times means tough measures. I’m not sure that it’s necessary to arbitrarily suffocate the joy out of life.


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