The Way Ahead


In light of last week’s announcements, is it time to think about outside options, especially in these troubled times?

I’ve never experienced extremely difficult financial times and pondering what I would do should the worst happen is a new to me. Perhaps it’s a reflection of our (meaning, societal) affluence that I’d never really thought through what it could mean – cutting back on costs, thinking more wisely about saving/investing for retirement, paying school fees for kids, and generally living on much, much less. All these fiscally responsible things are just so darn new that I feel somewhat unprepared. It’s not that I feel that I won’t cope but more that I didn’t seriously plan for it and that I neglected being true to myself.

Perhaps this isn’t just about me, but the general surprise that has beset us all.


Tomorrow’s a Big Day

Tomorrow the company goes to the Market with our half year numbers. Along with that comes our long-awaited company restructure. So, my diary has been loaded thus:
– 9am: CEO presents the new structure
– 10am: Marketing Director explains ramifications to the department
– 11am: my GM tells us if we have a job or if it’s a spill and fill

Good times.