Dead Man Walking


With the noted staff reductions still to come, it’s evident that there are people that have been given some bad news. While there have been tears, there are others who have held their dignity and ploughed on with their work.

Those in the latter category seem to be in a good place emotionally; they’ve got jobs or other plans. I feel sorry for the ones who have struggled with the news. In particular, I know someone who is being targeted, with the sole intention of being pushed out of the business. This person has been pressured to work long hours and with no possible hope for success. During our hallway discussions, there is enormous pressure being mounted and the only dignified option is to leave.

The worst thing is that I’ve heard from other sources that the manager had been bragging about performance managing the employee out of the business. This is questionable ethics in times of great uncertainty and difficulty. One can only hope that actions like this have a sense of kismet about it.


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