Always On


I was just taking stock the other day about how I spend the twenty-four hours in any given day. Much like any corporate employee, I have a combo phone/email device. I also have an iPhone for personal use. So, anyone can more or less contact me at any time. Like most connected citizens, I will probably respond to any ping, SMS, email or tweet as they come, whenever they come.

In the mornings, before leaving home, I check my mail (iPhone). During the walk to the station, iPod playing, I scour through the work device. On the train, it’s Twitter and blogging. In between meetings and, well, work, I flit between personal mail and Twitter (again) then topping off the commute home with more personal mail.

At home, after the family goes to bed, I cycle through blogs, email, Twitter and Facebook. It’s arduous and tiring to keep up with everything.

In such a hyper-connected society, am I missing out on real life and who I really am? Can this dedication to an online identity mean the detriment of my physical self?