Less Angry… Too Comfortable

From danperry via Flickr

Wow, nearly a year without posting. That can only mean some sense of satisfaction with work (true), being too busy and lacking time (also true) or feeling alright with the world (somewhat true).

I had always meant to use this as a way of venting – about how un-real the corporate world is and how we as people just roll with it, without really thinking much about what it all means. I wrote when work, the things I had to do and the people I had to deal with, was just washing over me and building that foreboding wave of dislike.

So, I am less angry about my position in the corporate world. I don’t have that burning ember of frustration saying, “To hell with it all.” In a way, this window of quiet is good. I am focussed on productivity, less on being passive aggressive. On the flipside, is it being too accepting? Too comfortable? Am I getting fat and comfortable?