Another Heavy Discussion

So, tomorrow is a big day. Big because I have to tell someone that he no longer has a job. Adding to the big-ness is that he’s a good guy, outstanding at his job, keeps his nose clean, and makes my team look good just by his presence. The company is just looking to save money and this guy specializes in something that won’t be there next year. One guy, gone, just like that.

Of course, I feel guilt because maybe I just didn’t fight at all for his job. Maybe it’s because I just said yes to my superiors, like a good soldier. Now, I’m thinking about how my peers may look at my ineptitude, willing to let the machine take this guy down, my passivity. It doesn’t feel great and I guess no matter what I do, there will be a period of distrust and probably hatred.

This means that we will lose a mountain of knowledge and there is no way to retrieve it. He will leave with bitterness and I’ll have to deal with whatever comes. It isn’t a nice place to be and I’m lost about what to do next. I’ll lose a good colleague, his respect and that of others. Not a good place to be.


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