Source: Flickr.com via Yvan Lemeur

“Just because the snake hasn’t bitten you in a while doesn’t mean it’s no longer a snake”

I have a nemesis at work. Maybe that’s too strong a word. Call it a person with whom I just do not get along with and have a fundamental, core-of-my-soul, dislike and distrust of. He is deceitful and works on a level that is beyond untrustworthy. He goes out of his way to make things up to support his cause, even when the data suggests the contrary. He is a master of untruth and yet he remains in the business. Clearly, someone powerful likes him.

For me, I try to avoid contact with him but my function cannot escape us crossing paths. I can hardly contain my dislike for him and I come off as rude. This is a true test and I’m lost about what to do. I know that the solution lies in an emotional distance and seeing the circumstance and not the person. I know that there will always be people that I do not connect with personally and in a work situation, that takes second place to the job (well, mostly). It’s time to push through.


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