Nibbling Irrationality

Source: flickr.com via @Ben McLeod

Too much time on my hands and I worry myself to sleep imagining how my encounter with HR would be like when I get back. Since I haven’t received a formal invitation through work email, I guess they’re still working through the details (or I’m imagining they are). The HR person has always been unreliable and my typical encounters have involved matters of redundancy. At this point, I’ve had one poor performer and two occasions when employees were no longer required. Surely I’m not the curse?

In any case, in my imaginings, I will somehow get this case to a lawyer and I will need evidence about shoddy treatment and just a general sense of not adhering to any sense of decency. The first proof that I’m seeking is how they decided on my US employee’s situation (something that I haven’t been told yet) and maybe then double-up with the person in London, too. I would sidle up to the HR person and request a discussion about the employees, all the while activating a voice recorder on my phone. Of course this would need some sense of nonchalance, like I’m multi-tasking while I activate the app and ensure everything is quiet.

I’m quite certain the HR person won’t say much, being evasive as usual. What would I do with this? I don’t know but at least I’d have a record of the discussion to relive at some later moment (knowing that blood would be coursing through my ears). Would this person stumble somehow? Maybe. At this point, i’m just looking for anything to get a sense of having the upper hand. And maybe this could be a start.


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