Source: flickr.com via @Mareen Fischinger

Announcement Day. A moment that the folks inside are anxious for, even though some are certain to know their roles and others are just fodder. Today, was certainly no different, which makes it kind of a farce. Essentially, people who have a job go into this meeting knowing that someone isn’t going to get a job and the brutal thing is about finding out who doesn’t. And then those who don’t have a job have a sense they don’t have a job but don’t know for certain. It’s doubly painful for them. A colleague in the same boat as me mentioned as aside that it was cruel that we were invited to the meeting – like it was being rubbed in our faces.

I missed that. I scheduled a discussion with a recruiter at the same time. Apparently they clapped for me after my new (old) boss talked about my decade of service. Asshole. He didn’t want me anyway.


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