New CEO, New View

Source: flickr.com via @jmvnoos in Paris

The company’s new CEO addressed the office staff the other day. His appointment has taken half a year and once named, his background in turning around struggling companies was found and circulated. This was a fixer-upper CEO.

While looking like any other ordinary guy (middle-aged, white, paunchy and standard corporate styling) he spoke well, assuredly and with confidence. His spiel was about trust, doing the job well, focus and of course, cost management. It was all that you’d expect from a person with global experience in running big companies. They’re an interesting breed.

As a person who really doesn’t care about what happens next at this company, his talk just made me think about what I really want to pursue next and how I need to present myself. What do I want to be seen as (a fixer-upper? No.) and how do I ensure that I can deliver to that. A bit of work to do during the job search.


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