Waiting and Re-running Conversations

Source: flickr.com via @CelineTaylor

I’ve finally met a recruiting manager and his HR counterpart for a role I could do in my sleep. It was interview number three and the industry is also among my top three and when I first saw the ad, I thought that it was too good to be true – essentially a role made for me. Of course, reading between the lines you learn that it isn’t as senior and that the company is going through a phase of learning which means that I’ll be doing this a few rungs below my experience. With that comes teaching and coercing and building rather than just thinking about possibilities. Yes, a negative in some ways but not necessarily a bad one.

The other night I woke up at 5 just re-running a conversation. During the interview I thought I answered the HR person well but the hiring manager not so. As often happens, it’s those tricky questions that you thought you could have answered better. Then, I’m here, thinking that I might be just desperate enough to beg for a job knowing that that would just be a blow to my dignity and the air that’s keeping me bouncing, floating on the surface of happiness. You hope for the best and that somehow they choose you but at the same time guarding against the possibility of a big let down.

So, I’m just waiting and re-running those conversations in my head and trying not to be too down.


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