Faking It

Source: flickr.com via @MR38

Truth be told – I’ve applied for roles in industries that I have no real interest in. At this point, the job hunt to me is about trying to feel wanted. I know I have capabilities that can be useful to many companies. However, there aren’t a lot of roles around. The task for me is about networking (unadvertised roles) and trying to find advertised roles.

Yesterday I interviewed with a company that could make use of my experience. At the same time, I think I can make a contribution to the organization. My issue is that I don’t care too much for the industry. Coming from a role that was interesting work-wise and somewhat stimulating industry-wise, switching to this one is less palatable. Actually, I couldn’t care for the industry. And so, when the recruiter calls me this morning and asks if I’m still interested, of course I say I’m curious about the next stage. I’m sure she can see right through it.



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