A Tide Turning?

Source: flickr.com via @TaylorMackenzie

When I first starting for new work, I thought that it would be relatively easy. I was confident of my own abilities and I thought that there were a thousand untapped markets waiting for a guy like me. Of course, reality has a way of smacking ideas like this and my wait did drag on and on. And somehow, when the calendar ticked to July 1, things are a little rosier. A burst of applications for roles that may be a little more junior or might be somewhat more of a stretch and I have four interviews in the space of ten days.

This isn’t a cause for celebration just yet but in those interviews, I didn’t get the sense that it wouldn’t work out. No, there aren’t any job offers yet (or even rejections) but the people I’ve spoken to seem genuinely interested and would actually be people I’d be happy to work with. Nothing’s happened yet, so here’s hoping.



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