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So much for the optimism from a few days ago. The case study interview was today and I totally bombed. Bombed. It was embarrassing.

My thoughts were scattered and I couldn’t keep it together. The most painful part is that case interviews for me is largely about showing capability and the situation is under my control. And here it was and I missed.

I am pained because it’s a missed chance. I’ve been waiting five months for this. I had a shot at changing things and just whiffed.

The positive spin is that I’ve practiced a structure that I think I can use in future. While at the gym, I thought of the cases I miffed and ran through my protocol. It works. It demonstrates my thinking process in a an organized way. Well, it should work. I only hope I have another shot at it.


You’re Invited to the Second Round

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I’m thankful for this. Most of my shots at roles have fallen short due to:

  • Lack of specific skills
  • Having too many skills
  • Being too experienced
  • Some unknown reason that I was never told

So, this week, I have a second round with one group and hopefully with another. I feel like I’ve worked pretty hard to really stay in the same spot. It’s pretty good.



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The company I used to work for is close to being taken over by private equity. I’ve also heard that a number of people I used to work with have either left or been given severance packages. The crew that remain are impatient for the end and seemingly have little care for the fate of the organization.

Me, I don’t know whether to take some joy at the ineptitude of the leadership that led to this or to feel bad that others will be joining me in this seeming never-ending job hunt.