“From a person with your seniority, we expected more structure”

(Source: flickr.com via @londondesigner)

I’ve fumbled a few second (and perhaps final?) interviews in the last two weeks. There was a case study this week and while I addressed it fairly, the wrap-up and discussion wasn’t quite what the company wanted. They needed something more high quality, high grade, ordered.

That hurts because I rated myself somewhat in my ability (and that it’s another job I could have had but didn’t). Then when you come to be tested and found short, it hurts. A lot. In the end, it means that I haven’t really advanced terribly much and the outside recruiting world was different in standard from what I was accustomed to.

I was in the doldrums about this but then I figure it’s something that I need to adjust. Stuck in the same job for too long makes you dull and this job search has forced me to think about being better. This drive to be not average is pushing me a bit harder and it’s a shame that I only realized it now.


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