And Like That, It Ends… Or Does It?

(Source: flickr.com via @Christian G.)

I had my group interview last week and soon after they were seeking references. That’s great, right? Clearly they want me. Then I reach out to those that I think would vouch for me – ex-managers and senior people of influence. I send out pensive emails, seeking their kind words of support, to tell a total stranger that I’m the person they need. Then, I start to doubt. In my last company, managers are two-faced. They give you one image but give another when you’re not around. Of course, they’re not all like that, but it’s just hard to tell who isn’t lying.

Given the circumstances of my departure (generally amicable on the surface), I am not certain who I can truly rely on. Can all the work be undone because of misplaced faith in someone’s supposed belief in you? That’s hard to tell. I’m still waiting for a formal offer and they always said that that would be pending referees.

Time ticks on.