So, I’m Working Again

(Source: flickr.com via @SoundsLogical

It all started about six weeks ago and I’m grateful for paid work. The job is very different from my past, focused more on business processes and what would be the mechanics of business improvement. I got the job because someone my wife knew needed a body with a little business nous. So, I’m here, working.

In all my career, I’ve only really worked for two companies and that gives a very limited view of business in general. This new company is really no different from the others. They’ve all had some success in the past but are now trying to adjust to a new market but is being held back by that heavy history; some people are less willing to change and the momentum is slow.

A former colleague would say that “grass is grass”, meaning that it’s no greener on the other side. This new experience proves that to be true. There are people that helped me ease into an unfamiliar industry. There are others who start the relationship testing my ability, looking for ways to doubt.

I can only hope to add something to this business and along the way pick up something for myself without losing too much along the way.


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