Barbie Will Be Back

I interviewed with Mattel a few years ago. During the discussion I mentioned that the toy industry was changing. There were so many new toys that would be challenging the ideals that Mattel had built itself on.

Anki, while significantly more expensive than Mattel’s Hot Wheels, changes how kids (and adults) would think about toy cars. They look amazing, had futuristic styling and were laden with technology.

Then I dared to slander the holiest of Mattel toys, Barbie. I made mention that it would be a challenge as more interesting options were emerging in the market. I suggested that this set of female action heroes I found on Kickstarter was onto something.

First, they were all female. They were all diverse – in shape (yeah), power and intrigue. Second, they weren’t just carbon copies on different sheets of colored paper.

The interviewer just looked at me and said, “Barbie will be back. She always does.”

I wasn’t quite so sure. I didn’t get the job.